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Annie Tritt for The New York Times

Daniel Isengart is a New York-based cabaret entertainer, writer, performance coach and, incidentally, chef.

In 2017, after 20 years of stints across New York's clubs, museums and entertainment venues and guest spots in Berlin, Vienna, Cologne, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and Kitchener Waterloo, he took an open sabbatical from the stage to focus on writing about food and culture and working as a performance coach.

His culinary memoir/cookbook, The Art of Gay Cooking, published in 2018 by Outpost19, is a literary appropriation of The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook that follows in the footsteps of his partner Filip Noterdaeme's memoir, The Autobiography of Daniel J. Isengart, an adaptation of The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. Illustrated by Filip Noterdaeme, the cookbook also sports a foreword by the venerable chef Jeremiah Tower, the legendary godfather of modern American cuisine.

From July – November 2018, Isengart was the sole writer of Slate's first and only weekly food and cooking advice column, The Pickle