[ease ’n guard]

"Mr. Isengart’s book reveals the many onion layers of giving, gratitude and identity. "
– The New York Times

"The Importance of Being Elvis filters the Presley catalog through influences born 30 years before he swiveled his hip onto the musical scene. This isn't something you see or hear every day and is too tempting to resist.
– The Village Voice

"The slick, sharp-cheeked German singer Isengart goes for a strange balance between sexual exhibitionism and continental archness – he's like a hustler striking Marlene Dietrich poses in an Amsterdam window.”
– Time out New York

“Melding burlesque raunch with old-world supper-club glamour”
– New York Magazine

"Enigmatic and wonderful…..A beautiful voice and lively stage presence"
– Ontario Arts Review

"Isengart takes these songs many of us have heard a million times and puts the meaning back in them with a wink and a nod and a smirk and more eye-contact than is strictly comfortable."
– Live Journal

“The Darling of Café Sabarsky"

– The Museum Mile Festival

“A sumptuous cabaret performer"
 – The Record

"The singer has one to the most beautiful voices around and he changes the arrangements of songs from cabaret to new wave to gorgeous sweeping ballads that have been known to make grown people weep."
– According to G

“One of the most fascinating talents on the scene"

– New York Cabaret Scenes

“A Cabaret Sensation"
– Time Out, New York

“A brilliant chanteur and dazzling star"

– HX Magazine

"Should anyone ever start to make movies out of Alan Furst's late '30s to early  '40s European-set spy dramas, Isengart should be first in line for a background role as an entertainer.”
AMG All Music Guid

What critics say about shows Isengart directed:

Yanna Avis at the Metropolitan Room: "The show is a textbook study in how different French Cabaret is from American. It's essence is distilled in a word heard less and less nowadays: chic."
– The New York Times